Eagle Challenger


This program will award points for academic performance, weight room performance, extra-curricular performance, and community service performance.

Tuesday, January 17th @ 4:00PM in the PAC

  • The entire football program will be divided into 4 teams. All players from 9th Grade through 11th Grade will participate. Each team will be based on a mascot from a D1 football program and will be captained by a rising 12th Grader.
  • We will hold a Challenger Draft on the Tuesday, January 17th @ 4:00PM in the PAC. Coaches will select the 4 team captains who will draft their respective Eagle Teams.
  • We assign points for a variety of pursuits and performances, and there will be some unlikely selections during our draft. For example, a team captain may spend an early draft pick on the 9th Grader who is working toward his Eagle Scout, is an “A” student, but may never start a varsity football game. Meanwhile, the “stud” LB who will earn a football scholarship to a Power-5 school may not be drafted until the later rounds.
  • One of the goals this competition is to encourage teamwork between kids who are not always part of the same group, while also rewarding our football players for performance outside of the world of sports.
  • Some of the potential point values that can be earned include:
Activity Points
An “A” for an academic class (individual) 5
A “B” for an academic class (individual) 3
No tardies to any classes (individual) 3
No absences to any classes (individual) 3
“Max Effort” in the weight room (individual) 1/week
10% increase in core lifts (individual) 3/lift
20% increase in core lifts (individual) 6/lift
Top performer in extra-curriculars (Sports, Chorus, Drama, DECA, Forensics, Student Council, FBLA, Robotics, etc.) (individual) 1/week
Working toward Eagle Scout Award or another prominent service award (individual) 10
Volunteering at a soup kitchen, animal rescue, food bank, group home, etc. (individual) 5/opportunity
Performing in a special event at your place of worship (individual) 5/opportunity

NOTE: All of these activities will also have a full-team bonus component (40-60 pts.), if the entire team participates.

The winning team will be awarded the Eagle Challenger Cup AND be served a steak dinner by members of the losing teams at an end-of-the-year banquet held in May. The losing teams will then be served rice and beans by the winning team.

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